Weekly Prayer Concerns

"Prayer is a cleansing process, washing our thoughts, feelings, motives, and will, purifying the entire being including the heart, thus enabling us to see God, for without purity no one can see God. Prayer is the greatest spiritual asset in the world."

Updated August 15, 2018

Please lift up in prayer...

Jonathan Goodier; Annie Franklin; Lou & Jeannie Murgo; Agnes Gjame de Leon; Adelaida Esguerra; Doris Woodward; Peggy Guaraldi; Di Wu; Alan Martin's father; Dawn Stanaway; Al Savio; BUMC community; Tom Couzens; Steve and Melinda; Mike Fuimaono; Family of Aukusko Atanoa; Espanola Sanders, Walter; Luenna's mom; Dan; Emily; Lori Evans; Jessie; Bernita; children and adults suffering from life-threatening illnesses; BUMC Leaders and staff, Betty Ward; Ellen Maurer; Don Stanaway; Gail Bauer; Luella Dilling; Vera Dobrinen; Polly Baugh; Norman Moore and Ginny Barrett

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